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Box Lunch Brigade is serving an innovative new product to Niagara's elementary school children. It's critical to the health and wellness of a child to eat a timely and healthy meal; however, in our busy lives it's an easy thing to let slip as a parent. Our unique and tasty children's meals will deliver innovative food that packs in more healthy ingredients to items that kids already love. Now you can save yourself that task with a Box Lunch Brigade subscription for your child, which provides them a lunch as often as every day of their school year and gives back to the school at the same time!

School Lunch

Priced from $6.60, delivered

a Box Lunch Brigade subscription...

  • promotes student health, wellness, and focus
  • saves preparing meals at home
  • is allergen inclusive, prepared in a peanut-free facility
  • a recurring subscription makes healthy lunch a guarantee
  • benefits the school directly as a fundraiser
  • uses unique packaging and encourages waste awareness in children
  • offers flexible pricing and meal options
  • features a revolving menu which ensures variety

Make lunch easy.

A Box Lunch Brigade school subscription makes serving your children a fresh, and balanced lunch an easy task. Set your subscription days, "skip" days for field trips, and a healthy lunch will be delivered for your children in a single transaction. We're hoping that our lunches will inform children to eat more nutritiously, and to be conscious of the packaging their food uses. Our ready to eat box lunches are delivered in a fully compostable or recyclable set of packaging, with handy printed instructions for the proper disposal of that packaging. Now you can feel good about the environmental impact of a convenience product.

Give back to your school, give back to Niagara!

Our lunch program is also a fundraiser. Supplement or replace your existing fundraisers with our generous fundraising model: a portion of the sales of children's lunches will be donated directly back to the school; the more children subscribed -the higher the donation rate. For those families choosing to receive our compostable and colourful cutlery in their children's lunch: we'll donate the proceeds of the cutlery fee to The Bruce Trail Conservancy.

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