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Box Lunch Brigade is serving an innovative new product to homes in Niagara. The recent rise of convenience meals got us thinking: can't we have a healthier option than a frozen dinner or a convenience meal? We'd like to offer you a fresh-prepared, healthier option, without giving up the convenience we need sometimes. This subscription is ideal for workers without a business subscription, new parents, telecommuters, seniors at home, or those who simply don't feel like preparing lunch everyday. Order for one day, or fill your week to have lunch everyday. Deliveries are timed so your food will always fit your schedule.

Box Lunch for your Home

Priced from $12, delivered

a Box Lunch Brigade subscription...

  • is a fresh prepared, fridge stable, ready to eat meal
  • delivers grab and go lunch for whenever works for you
  • eliminates individual ordering
  • offers omni or vegan options
  • is delivered to your front door
  • can be any number of weekly box lunches to feed the whole family
  • uses recyclable packaging minimizes waste

Make lunch easy.

Our boxed lunch will serve your family a healthy, allergen sensitive, restaurant quality meal in a sealed and fridge stable package. In a rush? Grab your box lunch and get going on your own terms without having to fit a meal plan into your day.

Lunch when you need it

Sometimes life doesn't happen on a schedule. With a supply of Box Lunch Brigade box lunches in your fridge, you'll always be ready to grab a healthy lunch for whatever your day demands.

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