Your company's next big productivity boost could come in a box!

Box Lunch Brigade is serving an innovative new product to Niagara businesses. One of our inspirations to start this business came from the recognition of the importance of lunch during our busy work days. There are scores of articles and studies* discussing the value of taking a proper break during the work day, eating a healthy meal, and encouraging teams to eat together. We're giving your business a practical and effective way to do all of these things.

Business Lunch

Priced from $15, delivered, including a drink

a Box Lunch Brigade subscription...

  • promotes employee health, wellness, and focus
  • provides a unique employee benefit
  • simplifies ordering logistics and payments
  • relieves the stress of planning or preparing a meal
  • enhances unit cohesion
  • offers flexible pricing and meal options
  • delivers a revolving menu -ensures variety (and anticipation)
  • uses environmentally conscious packaging which minimizes waste

Make lunch easy.

Our boxed lunch will serve your staff a healthy, allergen sensitive, restaurant quality meal and beverage in a single convenient package. Prepared and delivered fresh every day to your place of work, a Box Lunch Brigade subscription is the perfect way to invigorate your staff.

Split the bill — automatically!

Any business can afford to provide this amazing benefit to their team. Our unique subscription platform will allow your business to subsidize lunches for your employees, at any rate you choose. Employees can choose to receive a lunch on an opt-in basis configurable or modifiable at any time, with no payment coordination required on the part of the business.
Eating Together at the Firehouse: How Workplace Commensality Relates to the Performance of Firefighters -

Taylor & Francis Online

On carrots and curiosity: eating fruit and vegetables is associated with greater flourishing in daily life -

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