Our main focus at Box Lunch Brigade is to instill a sense of confidence in our customers about the quality and conscientiousness of our products and business practices. This is one of the things that we believe will set us apart from our competition. It's our sincere hope that this is reflected in our food, our packaging, our healthy working environment, and of course: in the way that we treat our subscribers. With that in mind, we want to plainly address any potential privacy concerns that our subscribers may have and keep your sense of confidence in Box Lunch Brigade strong.

What we collect and why

We're going to digitally store, and make use of, email addresses that are provided to us by our users. We will only use your email address to contact you about your account, and not to send any promotional or marketing material unless it specifically addresses your account or existing subscription. This data could be accessed by our administrative or development staff, but will not be shared with any other employee.

In order to fulfill our subscriptions faithfully, we'll store your subscription preferences specifically related to your food order, this is not associated with your demographic information which we do not collect.

All payments are conducted via pre-authorized credits. These transactions all occur through a third-party payment solutions provider called Stripe. We've chosen Stripe to fulfill this service for us because of their impeccable standards for security. Box Lunch Brigade Inc does not process any payments, or store your payment information on our servers. We will store anonymized payment card data on our servers so that you can manage the cards you are using to conduct payments.


As a subscriber you directly provide us your email address; thereby providing express consent to us to use and store your email address. Providing your email address and subscribing to our service is your choice, and it will allow you to make use of our service.


We do not like spam any more than the next person. A variety of marketing and promotional information can be found on our various social media feeds, at this time we have no intention of sending you any broad email messages that do not pertain specifically to your subscriptions.


Please contact us if you have any questions about our Privacy Policy, the precautions we take it handling or delivering your information or about the nature of our use of your information. We will update our Privacy Policy if/when any changes are made to the nature of our business or in the way we intend to use, store, or otherwise safeguard your information. It is important to us to comply with Canada's Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) and the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA). We believe these pieces of legislation make the internet a safer and therefore more productive place. We believe this will enhance the quality of our service.

Other Resources

If you have a concern, please contact us at any time: privacy@boxlunchbrigade.com

Office of the Privacy Comissioner of Canada: www.priv.gc.ca

Information about Canada's anti-spam legislation: www.fightspam.gc.ca

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Website: www.boxlunchbrigade.com

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