Box Lunch Brigade Inc. is an online lunch subscription platform that will allow you to eat a convenient and fresh-prepared lunch. With a Box Lunch Brigade subscription you and your children will be able to enjoy healthy meals designed by Executive Chef Mitchell Lamb, delivered to your business or elementary school in the Niagara region.

Our meals are delivered on a recurring basis and ordered using our custom set-and-forget subscription platform. Box Lunch Brigade will bring you a restaurant quality meal at an unparalleled level of convenience even when compared to fast-food -it's a healthy choice you can feel good about!

Box Lunch Brigade delivers...

  • Fresh-prepared and healthy food
  • Restaurant quality meals
  • Compostable packaging
  • Easy set-and-forget ordering
  • Allergy sensitive meals
  • Vegan options
  • Revolving menu


Our convenient recurring subscription and billing options make Box Lunch Brigade meals an obvious solution to provide a unique perk for your staff at a budget you can control.


Box Lunch Brigade school lunches offer a healthy, cost-effective, and allergen-sensitive option for a busy family as well as a simple and powerful fundraiser for our regional elementary schools.

Contact Box Lunch Brigade


Phone: 905-562-4101


109-4100 Victoria Ave
Vineland, ON
L0R 2C0

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